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    Pet Odor & Stain Removal

    Our pets are a part of our family! We love our pets and allow them the luxury of being in our homes, laying on our carpets, rugs and even our upholstery. Even the most loved and well-behaved animals can have accidents!

    Pet urine in your carpets and rugs can be an embarrassing problem to have. Not only can it leave a stain, but an odor that is difficult to remove without the help of a professional. Unfortunately, its not as easy as doing a “spot clean” to rid your home of this stench.

    Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaners to the rescue!

    If you need pet odor removal services in Spring Hill, TN, call the professionals at Safe-Dry® carpet Cleaner. We are local to the area and have a team of certified experts, providing all kind of carpet cleaning services, including the best pet odor remover and pet stain remover available.

    Our revolutionary pet odor solution not only removes stains, but we guarantee 100% removal of the pet urine odor! This is a bold statement, but true! We can offer this guarantee on our pet odor removal services, because, we know that the key to eliminating the pet urine odor is to break down the bacteria’s and proteins’ in the urine. We will never come in and just “mask” the odors, with a sweet-smelling deodorizer, but rather, will eliminate the problem.

    One call does it all!

    Safe-Dry® carpet cleaner not only provides pet odor removal services in Spring Hill, TN. But, we also offer upholstery cleaning, area and oriental rug cleaning, and allergen treatment. We specialize in cleaning all types of fabrics, even the problem fabrics, others may refuse to clean.

    Our name says it all! Our solutions are safe, containing no harmful chemicals, and its dry in an hour…Not days!

    All of our work is “Cleaned to your satisfaction, or it’s Free! Give us a call or schedule your appointment online and Live Cleaner.


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